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Bad Credit Funding has created one of the best Internet resources for bad credit home mortgage loan information! The Bad Credit Funding web site supplies consumers looking for a mortgage quote a means to do so, with our on-line, absolutely FREE, no-obligation rate quote. We also offer mortgage information, faq, and calculators to help you in your search.

After filling out our on-line form, you'll receive your free, no-obligation quote from a licensed professional that works within your state area. This same person will help answer all your mortgage questions and needs.

You will not be harassed or called by a lot of people...this offer is strictly for a free quote and no further action on your part is necessary or obligated. This process is TOTALLY hassle free. So, fill out our on-line form and sit back and relax! We'll do the rest!

Bad Credit Funding is Simple

Buying your first house or owning a home and needing to refinance is a huge undertaking!

Here's how we can help you:

  • Learn mortgage and loan terminology.

  • Learn what types of loans are available.

  • Learn what your needs are going to be.

  • Know your loan options.

  • Get a NO-COST, NO-HASSLE high-risk mortgage loan price quote!

Personalize your research by researching your needs and desires (and what-ifs) with our on-line mortgage calculators. These calculators can give you insight on personal home loan options and goals. Find out more...

Our web site offers you the following information:

  • Defines the multiple types of mortgage loans.

  • Learn what licensed mortgage professionals in your state can do for you. Get your free home mortgage rates quote TODAY!

  • Explains what you need to do in order to be prepared for the loan process.

  • Learn more about taxes, credit bureaus, and more.

  • A glossary of mortgage and loan terms.

  • Consumers - find the information you need, when you need it.

  • Seven mortgage calculators that will help you evaluate your needs, and future mortgage needs.

  • And finally more resources on mortgages and other information.

We work hard to supply you with the most up-to-date home loan resources and information available.

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