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Bad Credit Mortgage Calcs

The below mortgage calculators will help you determine your financial needs. Click the appropriate calculator link to get started. Then apply on-line with our FREE quote form for a loan at the rate you need.

Simply f ill out our simple Loan Quote Form to receive immediate loan quote!

Loan Pre-Qualifier
See if you can pre-qualify and for what amount. (informational service only).
Based on your income, find out the amount you can purchase.
Monthly Payment
Figure out the amount you will pay per month for your home loan.

Learn how much interest you'll pay vs principal you'll pay on your loan per month.
The amount needed after you refinance your loan.
Choose 1, 2 or 3 loans to compare. Also compare adjustable vs fixed loans.
This calculator helps you determine how much you will need to add to your monthly payment to payoff the loan early.  

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